EPT10 Prague: Karahasan, Haavisto and Spindler make it 1,002

The lady on the registration desk didn't seem as excited as I was at the news that two players had registered for the Main Event overnight. My cheer stemmed from this taking the number of players past the 1,000 mark. To her perhaps it meant more players to process.

It could also have been the irate customer before me who seemed insistent that she provide to him information that she wasn't privy to. Eventually he got the point and left in a huff. My bashfulness, and lack of conversational German, prevent me from repeated what she said next.

But the news was in. Two new players had woken up in the middle of the night with a vision. That vision was of them arriving late to a poker tournament, a whole day late, and coming from behind to win a remarkable victory. Or maybe in their vision they were happy with a min-cash. Or perhaps it suddenly dawned on them that they'd bought in some time ago and had forgotten all about it.

The tournament room awaits

Either way those players are here and their presence means that for the first time the playing field of the EPT Prague Main Event tops 1,000 players, adding up to 1,001.Actually, there quickly came news of another buy-in, that of Benny Spindler. So, with some back of the envelope calculations on the registration desk (actually it was back of the Terms of Use form, but the point still stands), the numbers were added up: 616 plus 389 equals 1,002.

Well actually no. It makes 1,005. So were there three more buy-ins on top of Senol Karahasan, Ville Haavisto and Spindler?

Three players have yet to show up in Prague, despite having already paid their money. It could be that they have good reason. Apparently the production of a doctor's note will likely qualify them for a refund, although in any future case of Costanza, G vs. The EPT, a photo taken next to the casket of a loved one is unlikely to serve as proof you were unable to attend.

And so we await the numbers of what will be the biggest pay-out in EPT Prague history, and whether those last three players will show up.

UPDATE: This is what happens when you use the back of an envelope (Terms of Use Form) to do these calculations. People who used a calculator now say the official number is now 1,007

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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