EPT10 Prague: What does a Team Online Pro do for Christmas?

What do poker players do for Christmas? When you're Mickey Petersen you drop everything and take a few days off to spend with family.

Petersen, who lives in London, will be heading back to his native Denmark for the festive season, to enjoy the traditional family get-together common at this time of year. It's a time to unwind, relax and catch up with loved ones, and maybe, as Petersen is an only child, get waited on a little bit.

Not that he is short of attention right now. If you haven't seen it there's a quite brilliant short film about Petersen's career (so far) as a member of PokerStars Team Online, and about his life in poker in general. It's a story that has taken him from Denmark, to London and the United States, with a few big wins and important moments along the way, not least his Main Event win in Copenhagen back in Season 8.

Home for Christmas: Mickey Petersen

So life is pretty good right now, which takes the edge off an afternoon session that has cut his stack to around 16,000 at the second break. But regardless of how things work out in Prague it will be back to Denmark in two weeks' time, with absolutely no poker for a few days. After all, it's about spending quality time with family, not online poker. Isn't it?

"My parent's internet isn't really good enough to play online," said Petersen. "Maybe if it was better..."

Well I suppose that's close enough. Watch the video of Petersen's adventure so far below.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

Stephen Bartley
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