EPT11 Grand Final: Urbanovich and Schemion get "interesting"

With another elimination, players with gaps at their tables looked over at the table now breaking, trying to identify their new arrival. Scott Seiver was one of them, looking over at the players racking up chips and collecting their things. It was a bit like waiting for someone at a bus station. He craned his neck and looked through the crowds as one by one they sauntered past his table carrying luggage.

"Table one?" said Seiver helpfully, but Dani Stern walked on towards his new seat at table four.

Instead, they got two different characters, both imposing figures, albeit for different reasons.

Ole Schemion oozes health as well as confidence, glowing under a psychedelic paisley cap and menacing people with a wicked combination punch of enigmatic courtesy. He looks around at everyone, elbows on the table and his hands clasped together as if about to say grace, ready to cause havoc. Then there's Urbanovich.

As someone once said (I think it was Garrison Keillor), looking moody before 40 makes you look interesting, doing so when you've past 40 just makes you look grumpy. Actually, I think there might be a poker equivalent. If you look tired and aloof before you're 30 it makes you look interesting. Doing so after that just makes you look tired and aloof. This certainly this applies to Urbanovich, who with his hair all over the place and his eyes always about to close, represents the under-30 version of this maxim. He may well have slept through yesterday too, only arriving as Day 2 got started.

But while even a super high roller could be forgiven for having a slight sinking feeling at the arrival of two of the hottest players in the game, the fireworks were not caused by them , but were between them, culminating in a huge pot.

Dzmitry_Urbanovich_1may15.jpgInteresting: Dzmitry Urbanovich

It started with a four-bet call from Schemion on the button, as Urbanovich opened. A 3♣Q♦K♥ flop and Urbanovich got busy again, with Schemion called. The jack turn was checked for another king on the river. Urbanovich tanked, shoved, and rested his head on the edge of the table, face down. Schemion would fold, but not before he tanked for several minutes, his usual cool appearance betrayed by the strain of this critical decision.

Flash forward a little and Urbanovich now sits with nearly 900,000, but his expression remains the same -- a genuine irritation at the amount of time he has to spend stacking chips he's just won from someone.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Season 11