EPT11 Deauville: High Rollers do it more quickly

I don't know how these high rollers usually do it, but the start of play today, on Day 2 of the €10,000 event at EPT Deauville, has been hectic to say the least.

Alex Goulder got his short stack in on the first hand, and he was knocked out. And about four hands later, ElkY got his new stack -- he re-entered for €10,000 before play started today -- in the middle with A♦8♦ and ran into Tiago Martinho's A♣Q♣. He was gone.

Robin Ylitalo was overheard saying, "Good game" to the man who had very briefly sat in the seat beside him (and had the misfortune to shove blind-on-blind with A♠3♥ and get picked off by Ylitalo's 4♠4♦) and none of this was even on the table I was actually watching.

On that particular slab, Table 20 in the very centre of the High Roller area, the overnight chip-leader Eric Sfez was the last to take his among a line-up that looked like this:

Seat 1 - David Vamplew, 46,700
Seat 2 - Andrei Ivashkin, 161,200
Seat 3 - Adrian Mateos, 73,100
Seat 4 - empty
Seat 5 - Eric Sfez, 315,300
Seat 6 - Artem Metalidi, 103,500
Seat 7 - Marcin Wydrowski, 31,400
Seat 8 - Dimitar Danchev, 31,400


A Vamplew-eye view of Table 20

The complexion soon changed here too as they played through the opening orbit. Blinds were 1,000-2,000 (300 ante) in Level 11.

Hand 1: Button with Marcin Wydrowski
Adrian Mateos raised to 4,200 from early position and Eric Sfez, who hadn't even finished stacking his chips after ripping them out of his bag, called from two seats along. That persuaded David Vamplew in from the big blind and three of them saw the first flop of the day.

(It was about this time that Goulder was already heading home. He had ace-queen against ace-king, it later transpired.)

The flop back on Table 20 came Q♦3♦A♠ and Vamplew and Mateos checked. Sfez, with a reputation to maintain as the tournament captain, bet 7,800; Vamplew folded, but Mateos called.


Adrian Mateos: Early into the action

The 4♦ turned and Mateos checked again. Sfez bet again, this time for 14,200, and Mateos called once more. That took them to a 9♣ river, and Mateos checked for a third time.

Sfez fiddled with his chips and prepared to bet. He cut out three small piles, worth...ah, he checked behind. Mateos flipped over his A♦9♥ and after a double check of his cards, the board, then Mateos's cards, Sfez mucked to the two pair. First blood to the WSOP-E champion.

Hand 2: Button with Dimitar Danchev
Action folded all the way round to Dimitar Danchev where he took a quick peek at his cards before piling the three small sections of his total stack into one medium-sized tower, still only worth 31,100, or 15 big blinds.

Vamplew and Ivashkin quickly folded their blinds and Danchev got that one through.

Hand 3: Button with David Vamplew
There was a lot that was similar about the start of this hand, as action folded around to Dimitar Danchev, this time in the cut off. Again he decided he wanted to play and combined the three denominations of his stack into one tower and thumped it over the line.

The crucial difference this time, however, is that after David Vamplew had checked his cards, he also moved his stack forward, slightly covering Danchev. But it wasn't done there. Andrei Ivashkin also shoved, covering both of them, and Mateos quickly folded.

There were two red all-in triangles deployed in front of Danchev and Vamplew, with Ivashkin relishing the prospect of knocking out two former EPT champions.

Danchev showed his cards first: Q♦[10s]. Then Vamplew flipped over his J♦J♠. Ivashkin had A♠K♥ and there was cause for some optimism for all of them. Danchev pointed clearly at his live queen.

The flop missed them all, however. It came 7♣5♦4♥9♠8♥ and Vamplew scored a near triple-up, while Danchev headed out.


Early double keeps David Vamplew alive

Hand 4: Button with Andrei Ivashkin
Adrian Mateos shoved some sandwich into his face. And on the neighbouring table, it was at this point that ElkY was knocked out. Simon Ravnsbaek arrived from another broken table and took the empty seat between Mateos and Sfez, but not soon enough for him to be dealt in this hand.

Action was folded to Ivashkin on the button, who raised to 4,000. Mateos folded, but Sfez, always likely to defend his big blind, raised to 11,000. Ivashkin gave it some thought but then folded and Sfez showed him Q♥Q♠, which was fair enough.

Hand 5: Button with Adrian Mateos
It was folded to David Vamplew in the hijack and he raised to 4,600. As improbable as it sounds, he got it through.

Hand 6: Button with Eric Sfez
Simon Ravnsbaek was now involved as the button skipped over him to reside in front of Eric Sfez. He may have wished he didn't have to play this hand, however, as he open shoved a very short stack from the cut off and then was in trouble when Artem Metalidi re-shoved from the small blind. Ravnsbaek was in decent enough shape with A♦[10c] against Metaldi's 9♣9♠. The board of Q♥2♦2♠Q♠9♥ was overkill.


Artem Metaldi: Six figure stack

Having started seven handed, lost one and gained one to keep it at that level, the table was another man down again.

Hand 7: Button with Artem Metaldi
The button was in Seat 6, but the absence of anybody in Seat 8 meant David Vamplew was in the big blind. Ivashkin folded, Mateos folded, Sfez, Metalidi and eventually Wydrowski folded, giving Vamplew a walk.

He decided to have a look anyway, which can't have been pleasant. He saw pocket kings there and won the absolute minimum.

Still, that was a pretty brutal opening round on that table. There will be plenty more before they set their final table today.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in High Roller