EPT11 Deauville: Getting on Walid Bou Habib's goat(s)

Barely two levels into the day and the Main Event has already lost one player who, in the past at least, has enjoyed his time in Deauville. Today though, Walid Bou Habib couldn't wait to leave Deauville.

It was only two seasons ago that Bou Habib, from Beirut, narrowly missed out on becoming an EPT champion. Back in season nine he faced Remi Castaignon heads-up for the title, before departing graciously in second place.

Walid_Bou_Habib_ept11deau_1feb15.jpgWalid Bou Habib shortly before he was eliminated

You would think that would create some sort of attachment to a place, then again perhaps that only applies to winners, and not runners-up. But that played no part in his departure, for he has business to attend to.

"I'm going home," he told the EPT media co-ordinator Mad Harper as he left the tournament room. Given that Deauville isn't exactly the easiest EPT stop to get to one normally assumes that when players get here they stick around as long as they can. But not Bou Habib. For he has a farm. A goat farm.

map of goats_1feb15.pngWhere to find Walid Bou Habib's goats

As Bou Habib explained, his recently acquired business is 45 minutes from his home in Beirut, at something like 1,200 meters. According to his website, what were once 60 goats is now something like 840 goats, which is probably why Bou Habib, as well as being one of his country's leading poker players, is the leading Lebanese supplier of goat milk products. We realise this is a niche story, so if you prefer here's a picture of some goats.

Walid_goats_1feb15.jpgThe Bou Habib goats

But wait a second, maybe when you've turned 60 goats into 840 it's a sign that things can take care of themselves and you've got this goat business cracked? I mean, what can go wrong at 1,200 meters? And with that Bou Habib is now in the $1,000 PLO event, and going well. Maybe Deauville still appeals after all.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.
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