EPT11 Deauville: Darcourt still leading the chase for half a millball

We are past the half way point of Day 2 at EPT Deauville, and some very important information has been announced. This is even more significant than news that hot-dogs are available for €4 or that most of the snow has now melted. It is that the winner of this thing will be taking home more than half a million euros.

The payouts announcement greeted the news that the total number of runners for EPT Deauville was 592. That made a prize pool of €2,841,600, of which €543,700 is allocated to the winner. The bubble will burst when only 87 players remain; the full schedule is at the bottom of this post.

Guillaume Darcourt came into the day with the biggest stack in the room. And at the end of the fourth level in play, that fact held true, even if the stack itself had nearly doubled in size. Darcourt was raising pretty much every pot on his opening table, putting anyone to a test for his or her tournament stack.

Some let him have it; some fought back. But the results were decidedly mixed. Darcourt was the first player through 300,000.


Guillaume Darcourt: Leading still

Among the clutch of former champions in the field today, Remi Castaignon and Kevin MacPhee have prospered the most. They both also soared well beyond 200,000. MacPhee won a huge pot with tens against eights (his reputation paying off here, having six-bet shoved pre-flop), while Castaignon is showing a few doubters that he too has game. He had maybe been written off as a one-hit wonder after triumphing here in 2013, but made the final table in Prague in December, and is back among the leaders now. (MacPhee, incidentally, tweeted that he was up to 315,000 just before the end of the level. That may be the chip lead.)


Kevin MacPhee: A strong bet for a second title

It's not been quite so much fun for Anton Wigg, Victoria Coren-Mitchell, David Vamplew, Christophe Benzimra or Robin Ylitalo, however. That little lot are out. Jake Cody also hit the rail after his cameo at the feature table came to an end by bluffing with ace high into a flush.

The nationalities pie-chart was also released today, revealing what we all knew very well based on the amount of times we had been brushed past in a corridor and then scowled at: there are a lot of French players in this event. More than 41 per cent of the field - 242 players, to be precise - are from these parts.

Italy is the second best represented nation, with 34 players, while there are 32 Russians, 31 from the United Kingdom, 30 from Germany and 21 Dutch.

Here's how our field breaks down:


Payouts for EPT Deauville

1 € 543,700
2 € 338,700
3 € 242,390
4 € 187,550
5 € 147,760
6 € 115,650
7 € 85,530
8 € 58,820

9 € 46,400
10-11 € 38,080
12-13 € 31,830
14-15 € 27,850
16-17 € 25,010
18-20 € 22,160
21-23 € 19,320
24-27 € 16,770
28-31 € 14,490
32-39 € 12,790
40-55 € 11,100
56-71 € 9,950
72-87 € 8,810

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in Main Event