EPT11 Deauville: Jake Cody, five years on

It's now five years since Jake Cody won EPT Deauville but what's not widely known is that had he not had that result it might well have been the last time we'd have seen him on the live circuit. "When I arrived in Deauville to play in 2010 I 100% considered myself to be an online player. Deauville was going to be my last live tournament. I was over them, I just kept on losing money and now, I'm definitely a live player. Obviously I do play online, but I predominantly play live tournaments."


Jake Cody in 2010

Cody's transition from online kid to live tournament rounder isn't the only thing that's changed in the past five years but Cody was never going to miss this tournament. "I'm never going to miss this stop, I can obviously never miss it. But lots has changed, obviously I've got the baby and the family, although that's more recent. I think I'm a much better player than I was back then, even though much of my success came in 2010-2011."

Cody's new found responsibilities have also meant his moved around a fair bit this year, from Miami, to Leeds and now London, with his move to the big smoke happening just four days ago. "We've moved to Fulham, we've got a two-bed apartment next to a park. It's a little bit too posh for me but it's really nice. It's really comfortable for Alex, the baby and the dog and it's really safe. My girlfriend - who works in film production - wants to start work again soon and London was the place for that."

But despite London being a central transport hub, Cody's tilt at a second EPT Deauville title was almost derailed before it started as he and travelling companion Rhys Jones didn't arrive until well into Day 1B. "Last week I was asking around to see who was going and my friend Rhys Jones had won a package and me and him were definitely going to travel together. We thought about flying and also about travelling early to play the FPS and not playing TCOOP, or maybe we could drive or even the ferry. So loads of options and in the end the train seemed the easiest and quickest of the lot"

We're not suggesting that the fact that it's also a means of transport that is perfect for playing cards on had anything to do with the decision but... "We've invented this new little card game, we play against each other. It's kind of a draw game with a similar scoring to Chinese Poker so we're addicted to this game and so if we get the train then we can just play that non stop against each other. We've made it up so it doesn't even have a name."


Cody - had transport troubles

So transport mode chosen the two of them boarded a train at Kings Cross St Pancreas at 11.30am and the journey to Paris went very smoothly. But, that's where it all went wrong. " We then had to get another train from Paris and change somewhere else to get to Deauville. Our train from Paris wasn't for an hour and 45 minutes though. We get to the platform it's supposed to leave from and it's not there and it's saying delayed in the station. It was delayed for another 90 minutes and we forgot that we lose an hour as well when we get to France so we're even later now! So we didn't leave Paris until 5.30pm. We eventually get to Deauville get a taxi to the venue and the Main had just gone on dinner break! At least we could relax for a bit."

So he got into the tournament for the last two levels of the day with a 30,000 stack and blinds of 250/500 ante 50. "Obviously I would've liked to have played from the start of the day especially in an EPT with a good mix of pros and amateurs you want to play as deep stacked as possible. So it wasn't perfect but you've still got 60 big blinds. There's still a lot of things you can do."

Jake ran it all the way up to 53,000. "To be honest I ran pretty well, I should probably have finished with more to be honest."

So far so good then, but Day 2 would not start so well. "It started really bad, I made a couple of mistakes and actually felt quite tilted. The next hand I got jacks in against queens and I felt like I deserved it in a way. "I stood up, ready to walk away and luckily pinged a jack and since then I've kept going up.

"You would think I should play my A game more here, but the last few days I've just been making stupid little mistakes and I don't mean in poker. I've been tripping over my feet, dropping bags, forgetting things. My head's not there, perhaps it's the move. It's definitely affecting my poker a little bit though."

Cody was faced with another move during the first break as his table was moved to the #EPTLive set, something Cody is well versed in."It's something I'm used to but maybe some players won't adapt to it too well. Hopefully I can use that to my advantage. If any of the players have never been on a TV set before it can be quite daunting. But it can go the other way too, someone might try and make a name for themselves, try and get a crazy bluff through. So I've got to try and work out what they're doing."


You can watch Jake on #EPTLive now

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