EPT11 Deauville: Katchalov's stack gets a workout

Eugene Katchalov is a man who knows what the inside of gym looks like. He and ElkY have taken part in many a fitness related prop bet and the Ukrainian once successfully won one that required him to do 1,000 push ups in 12 hours.

Well, here in Deauville the Team PokerStars Pro's stack just did a metaphorical push up, being pushed down before rising back up from whence it came and, like many of the 1,000 push ups he had to do, it definitely caused Katchalov some pain, although apart from the turning over of cards there wasn't much sweat involved.


Only a 1,000...

The Ukranian is at a pretty tough table, one that includes triple-tournament Sunday supremo Pablo Gordillo, EPT Platinum leader board top dog Joao Vieira and UKIPT5 London High Roller winner Owain Carey and it was the latter who would cause Katchalov's stack to dip.

The action folded to Katchalov and last year's EPT Deauville Main Event runner-up opened for the minimum (1,000) from the button and Carey, who was wearing a red baseball cap backwards, called along from the big blind.

The 2♠[10c]4♦ flop didn't really look like it was going to create the huge pot that was to come but perhaps curiously Carey elected to lead and threw a bet of 1,025 over the betting line. Katchalov darted his eyes, gave Carey a bit of a look and then made the call. The Q♦ fell on fourth street and Carey decided to slow down checking it over to Ukraine's all-time money leader. After thinking it over, Katchalov bet 1,800 and Carey put in the requisite calling chips.

This pot was now bubbling nicely as the 7♥ completed the board, again Carey checked and once again Katchalov would bet. He sized up the pot and elected to fired out 6,300 into the pot of roughly 8,000. Carey took his time over his decision and the slid out a check-raise of 17,400 total.

You could see in Katchalov''s face that this bet took him by surprise and he lowered his face to the table to get a better look at how much Carey had bet. The dealer confirmed the amount and Katchalov then went back to looking at Carey, the mental cogs turning in his brain as he tried to figure the hand out. After the cogs had completed their cycle Katchalov flicked in the calling chips and Carey showed 7♦7♣ for the rivered set. An exasperated Katchalov (physically not verbally) flashed his hand to the table and everyone could see that he'd got very unlucky with the Q♣[10s].

That hand meant Katchalov dropped below 25,000 whilst Carey climbed to around 70,000. There was little respite for Katchalov though and no hands off as he got involved immediately, calling a raise from Radoslaw Morawiec.


No luck for Katchalov in a crucial pot

The two of them saw a 3♠8♣Q♠ board, bet from Morawiec, call from Katchalov. The 7♠ turn completed the flush draw and Morawiec slowed down, checking it to Katchalov. The Ukrainian did no such thing, he bet 3,200 and the Polish PokerStars qualifier wanted to see the fifth and final community card.

The dealer burned and turned the 9♣ and when it was checked to Katchalov he moved his stack over the line which was soon joined by the red all-in triangle. Katchalov's stack was about 17,000 but it actually Morawiec who was at risk. The Pole tanked before calling all-in and mucked his hand without showing when Katchalov showed A♠8♠ for the nut flush.

So a quick down and up for Katchalov, who lost a little ground over those two hands, but is still very much keeping pace in this tournament.


Katchalov (and his stack) smiling after their workout

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Main Event