EPT11 Deauville: Pinot, plonk and poker. Welcome party tonight!

It's blowing gales outside. It's dark and the temperature has dropped to near freezing. As those in the tournament room wear extra layers, in the Normandie hotel the wind shrieks through the corridors. In fact, the whole of Deauville howls with winter. Perfect conditions then for an EPT welcome party.

In conditions in which only smokers dare go outside, the EPT will be welcoming players inside for a night of wine and central heating, with a chance for guests to prove themselves as poker playing wine connoisseurs.

Taking place in the Salon des Embassadors from 10pm tonight, the evening is open to anyone with a PSLive card (and members of the media). On arrival you'll be presented with a small empty glass. It's important not to panic at this point, and to remember that the drinks are on their way. For you'll also be handed some poker chips, a use for which will become clear quite soon.

Guests will be asked to taste various wine and try to guess/ bet on the type of wine it is -i.e. which region. They quite like wine in these parts so there's plenty to choose from. However, if you have no clue it's worth guessing, throwing in words like "terroir," "quaffable" and "uncomplicated" to demonstrate your credentials, for there are prizes at stake. Needless to say these will come in bottle form.

Franck_Kalfon_eptdeau_1feb15.jpg"Gads! I meant Pinot Noir, not Pinot Blanc!"

It's not obligatory. If you don't know your Acescence from your Élevage, and prefer to leave the Oenophilia to those who know how to spell it, then you're welcome to sit back, relax and maybe drink beer. But the message will remain the same - welcome to EPT Deauville.

See you tonight.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.
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