EPT11 Deauville: Player to be named later doing very well

Let's be clear. When we write about a player there is never any intention to bock him, jinxing his performance so as to render him busted within minutes of publications. Well that's not true. There was that guy at the World Series once, but let's not go there for now. But essentially if we write about players it's for positive reasons, not because we would ever want them to fail.

But it does happen and inevitably the knives are drawn towards those who yapped on about them in the first place. So with this in mind, and Twitter too important a part of my job for me to never go back there again, I'm just not going to name the subject of this post. I know, it'll be awkward, but we'll just have to find another way.

Right now this player is has a lot of chips. Quite a few players have a lot of chips, but after watching this player--let's call him Bert --endure an extended dry period on the EPT, the prospect of his advancement is an appealing one. Sure he has a cash here and there, but none of those deep runs we were used to seeing, not since he won a title back in... well that would be telling.

bert_ept11deau_3feb15.jpg"Bert", seated somewhere at this table

It's going well for Bert, just as it went well for him yesterday. Returning as a big stack today, he won a big pot against Nathan Gozlan and then Rasmus Vogt, then set about pressuring his table in the way he has done over the past decade to earn more than $10 million in live tournaments around the world.

So we'd be delighted to see him (or her!) in the third day, then break through into the money, and put on one of those performances we came to love a few seasons ago, when Bert romped to final tables galore. Perhaps then we would stop worrying about mentioning his name too early, and whether we'll ever feel brave enough to tweet again.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.
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