EPT 11 Prague: The quest for eternal youth

They say limit hold'em is a science and no-limit Hold'em is an art form. So whilst the poker players in Prague are busy trying to turn their chips - which are made out of a clay composite - into a more worthwhile material (money) through art, across the city there's a long tradition of using science to make a variety of elixir's


PokerStars.tv took a trip to a House of Alchemy, which is housed in the second oldest building in Prague and dates back to 900 AD. Within these four walls alchemists mixed potions to make elixir's of love, memory and eternal youth. If they sold them alongside the plethora of energy drinks in the poker room they'd probably do a roaring trade.

Full coverage of the main event is on the main event page. Action from the high roller is on the High Roller page.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Prague