EPT11 Prague: Late arrivals and early setbacks

Yesterday the PokerStars Blog spoke to Alex Goulder who, despite showing up on time for Day 1B, didn't get to play cards for 45 minutes because only one other person on his table had done the same and three players are needed for the game to start.

On Day 2 pretty much no one is late, but there are likely a few players wishing they had been: "I should have stayed in bed," said Billy Chattaway, after losing a big pot. The 18th place finisher in the EPT11 London Main Event had come into the day with 66,200 but was had seen it decimated in the opening exchanges. "You're running bad," said an opponent proficient at stating the obvious.


Billy Chattaway (pictured at EPT London)

The hit that caused Chattaway to wish he'd overslept came in a three-way dance against Ben Dobson and Raul Van Boxtel. Pre-flop Chattaway raised it up to 1,600 from the button and Dobson (small blind) and Van Boxtel (big blind) both came along. The flop fell 9♥[10d]3♦, Chattaway c-bet 2,700 but it wasn't enough to shake either player. The 9♣ paired the board and Van Boxtel elected to lead, betting 3,200, Chattaway raised to 9.500, Dobson folded and Van Boxtel took his time before electing to just call.

A third diamond landed on the river, completing a flush draw, Van Boxtel checked and Chattaway did likewise.Very quickly Van Boxtel turned over K♦6♦ and Chattaway hands on cards stared at the board, then at Van Boxtel's cards, then back to the board, then back to the Dutchman's hand. He then shook his head, threw a hand up in disbelief and pushed his cards towards the muck. "There's no way you had a nine," said Matas Cimbolas from across the table. "No, I had a ten," replied Chattaway.

A few tables down Sofia Lovgren was being put to a tough decision by David Robinson. The Swede, who was under-the-gun, was facing an all-in shove of roughly 42,000 from Robinson (big blind). There was a shade over 30,000 in the pot and a complete board of Q♦Q♣6♣Q♠3♣ on the felt.


Lovgren has lost some chips early on

Robinson was like a human statue, his right elbow on the table, his right hand resting on the side of his face, whilst his left hand cradled his cards. Eventually the clock was called on Lovgren and she began fishing for information from Robinson. "Do you have jacks?" she asked. Robinson though was full paid up member of the Human Statue Union and didn't budge nor reply. As time ticked down she picked up the calling chips in her right hand and lifted them six inches off the felt and towards the chip line, before using her left hand to muck her cards.

Hand over the table was broken meaning Lovgren wouldn't even have a chance to try and win her chips back from Robinson.

With 1,094 runners having taken their seats over the two starting flights and late registration open until the start of play there was a good chance that this event would break the 1,100 runner mark and so it proved. There were 13 players who chose to start the day with a fresh stack of 30,000 as: Stefan Grunewald, Rufat Mahmudov, Ville Nyman, Wlodzimierz Laczkowski, Hector Alvarez Rodriguez, Ambrose Ng, Niklas Astedt, Ioakim Papadopoulos, Maksim Semisoshenko, Dmitry Ivanov, Brian Roberts, Marc Uzan and Michail Karapanos all made Day 2 by virtue of not playing Day 1.


Over 1,100 runners for the main event!

Follow all the action from the Main Event on the Main Event page. There's hand-by-hand updates and chip counts in the panel at the top of the page and feature pieces below. Whilst EPTLive is back on the air, you can watch action from the feature table right here

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Prague