EPT11 Prague: Selbst vs. Grafton on #EPTLive

As play ended last night Vanessa Selbst wandered over from the feature table to where Sam Grafton was standing. While Selbst had just spent several hours under the TV lights, demonstrating to her opponents, and to anyone watching on EPT Live, the standard she has become accustomed to, Grafton's experience had been a little more exhilarating.

vanessa_selbst_ept11pra_15dec14.jpgVanessa Selbst

While Selbst had bagged up a more than comfortable 1,007,000 chips, Grafton's last few minutes had been a bit more tense, dodging a flush draw on the last hand to double up with a pair of tens.

"I could have just worked in a library!" joked Grafton as he watched the hand from behind Dylan Linde's back. He emerged out of breath but jubilant, a story Selbst was glad to hear as they went off to get dinner.

sam_grafton_ept11pra_15dec14.jpgSam Grafton

As far as today goes they won't need to catch up at breaks to recap their progress, for they start Day 4 alongside each other, making the choice of which table to use for EPT Live one of the easier production decisions of the day.

Here's how they line up:

1. Sam Grafton (United Kingdom) 859,000
2. Vanessa Selbst (United States) 1,007,000
3. Jakub Slemr (Czech Republic) 338,000
4. Petr Jelinek (Czech Republic) 1,191,000
6. Artem Metalidi (Ukraine) 742,000
7. Panagiotis Papaisidorou (United States) 537,000
8. Pavel Veksler (Israel) 427,000

You can watch as Selbst and Grafton get comfortable by tuning into EPT Live where as well as the poker they'll be a few other things to keep you glued to your screen, including the next round of questions from the EPT Advent Calendar. Coverage continues through the five levels of play scheduled to today. Watch it all on PokerStars.tv.

Full coverage of the EPT Prague Poker Festival is on the main EPT Prague page.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Stephen Bartley
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