EPT11 Prague: Enormous field for High Roller as play reaches dinner break

There was a time when High Roller events were looked on with awe, with even professional players wondering what it would take they too to play with the very best (or the richest) in the game. Now it seems they don't worry too much about that.

Put simply the High Roller event is bigger than anyone expected, and size wise looks more like a nightly turbo than one of the richest events of the week. But then how often do we have to say that?


The High Rollers are in full flow with 239 entries already logged. But with entry open until the start of Day 2 tomorrow, not to mention the single re-entry each player is entitled to, it's a figure we predict will rise.

Players began busting shortly after play began.

Leonid Markin, who won the Super High Roller event just a week ago, was the first out, although as he admitted this week, he has something of an unconventional playing style. Isaac Haxton and Dermot Blain later joined him, although there's always the possibility that they will return at some point.

Others had it slightly better in the early going. Chris Hunichen and Steve O'Dwyer in particular, who were both among the early leaders, as was Ole Schemion.

steve_odwyer_15dec14.jpgSteve O'Dwyer among early leaders

That trio topped the chip counts as play paused for a 75 minute dinner break. The top ten counts looked like this:

Chris Hunichen (United States) 160,000
Steve O'Dwyer (Ireland) 155,000
Ole Schemion (Germany) 154,000
Andrey Zaichenko (Russia) 145,000
Simon Ravnsbaek (Denmark) 140,000
Jonathan Little (United States) 130,000
Ioannis Apostolidis (Greece) 125,000
Adrian Mateos Diaz (Spain) 101,000
Dan Shak (United States) 100,000
Jason Wheeler (United States) 90,000

A field of this side comes full of familiar faces. From the ranks of Team PokerStars Eugene Katchalov and Bertrand Grospellier play, as does a long list of poker royalty, which you can find on our live coverage page.

bertrand_grospellier_1pt11pra_15dec14.jpgPlaying today: Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier...

eugene_katchalov_ept11pra_15dec14_2.jpg... and Eugene Katchalov

Play continues until 1am this evening, at which point play will stop. The eliminated can then sleep on the €10,000 question of whether to try again or not. Things always seem better in the morning.

Follow hand for hand coverage including features from the €10,000 High Roller through to the end of play tonight. You can also catch up on everything that took place on Day 4 of the Main Event.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.
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