EPT11 Prague: Avoid, Avoid, Avoid, The Super High Roller Game Show

In the UK there's a television show called Snog, Marry, Avoid. The premise of the show is that a participant, who is a bit fake in the sense that they wear too much make up for instance, is transformed into a 'natural beauty'. Before and after the transformation other members of the public are asked whether they would like to snog (kiss), marry or avoid the participant with the premise being the contestant will get fewer avoids after they've been made more natural looking.

Here in Prague we're playing the Super High Roller version of that game which the PokerStars Blog has termed: 'Avoid, Avoid, Avoid. We're not saying the Super High Rollers are fake, quite the opposite, we're saying that their poker skills are very real and as a result every table is so tough that you'd want to fade them all.

Feast your eyes on the below line-ups and, if you're so inclined, drop us a tweet @PokerStarsBlog to tell us which table you'd fancy a crack at if you found €50,000 down the back of the sofa.


King Kenney?

Table 2:

Joseph Cheong
Sam Greenwood
Juha Helppi
Mike Watson
Joao Viera
Bryn Kenney

Combined lifetime earnings: $27,632,329
Combined Major titles: 8

Whilst a lot of players who make the WSOP final table disappear into the ether Joseph Cheong has gone nowhere. Since his third place finish in the 2010 WSOP Main Event, he's gone on to rack up over $5M in tournament earnings and win three High Roller titles.

Mike Watson took down the €50,000 Majestic Roller at the 2012 WSOPE yet with over $7M in tournament earnings he's only fifth on the Canadian all-time money list. When Bryn Kenney, Sam Greenwood, Joao Viera and Juha Helppi are the supporting cast, you know you've got a tough table.


Champion of The World

Table 3:

Andrew Chen
Martin Jacobson
David Peters
Ike Haxton
Jason Mercier
Tobias Reinkemeier

Combined lifetime earnings: $56,524,481
Combined Major Titles: 13

Or perhaps you'd like a seat at table three and the chance to play against the latest World Champion (Jacobson). You could also tangle with the newest Super High Roller Champion (Mercier), the EPT11 London High Roller winner (Chen) or the guy who plays nosebleeds cash games both live and online for a living (Haxton). In short, when there's a table who've got a lot of titles that contain the word 'High' or 'World', you're in for a tough day.


Back-to-back Busquet?

Table 4:

Olivier Busquet:
Fedor Holz
Vladimir Troyanovskiy
Brian Roberts
Jean-Noel Thorel
Connor Drinan

Combined lifetime earnings: $13,469,067
Combined Major Titles: 2

Roll up roll up to table four, but if you do it won't be long before you're out the door. Olivier Busquet is looking for back-to-back EPT Super High Roller wins as he took down the equivalent event in Barcelona back in August.

Amazingly Busquet is the only player at this table with a major title to his name, at least in the live arena. Fedor Holz, or 'CrownUpGuy' as you might know him is the 2014 WCOOP Main Event winner. The others are no strangers to Super High Roller events, Troyanovskiy has three final tables in Super High Rollers and a runner-up finish in a $25,000 High Roller.

You've probably heard of Connor Drinan, he won a satellite to this years' Big One for One Drop and suffered the cruellest of beats when his aces were cracked by another pair of aces, which four flushed.


Mizzi and Shak are enjoying each others company

Table 5:

Vicente Delgado
Paul Newey
Sorel Mizzi
Dan Shak
Steve O'Dwyer

Combined lifetime earnings: $19,366,725
Combined Major Titles: 8

Earlier at this table the conversation was revolving around the hiring of private jets. No surprise that it was Dan Shak who had the most wisdom to impart on that subject. Shak, who whilst not a professional is hardly a recreational player either. He's got two major titles to his name, but is pipped by both Mizzi and O'Dwyer who have three each.

But, if this tournament had been held six weeks ago then he have been level with O'Dwyer, the Irishman picked up the biggest cash of his career at the beginning of November when he won the ACOP Super High Roller.


Ole Schemion a shark amongst sharks

Table 6:

Christoph Vogelsang
Ole Schemion
Stephen Chidwick
Timothy Adams
Jani Sointula

Combined lifetime earnings: $22,129,445
Combined Major Titles: 6

Any table containing Ole Schemion is likely one that you'd want to avoid and when you look at the rest of table six you'd probably be no keener on taking a seat. Whilst Schemion's four major titles equate for two-thirds of the total of this table he's by no means the only shark looking to take a bit out of his opponent's stacks.

Christoph Vogelsang burst onto the scene just over 12 months ago when he played the EPT10 London Super High Roller, he might only have three live cashes to his name, by they total over $5M.

Stephen Chidwick meanwhile has approaching $3M in lifetime tournament earnings and did the Prague final table double last year finishing third in both the Eureka Main Event and the EPT Main Event.


There's a seat open for you

These table draws were correct at the time of writing but the PokerStarsBlog has just heard the cry of 'seat open'. The only question is, after seeing that line-up do you still want it?

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Super High Roller