EPT11 Prague: How high (and low) can you go?

One look at the results of Ivan Soshnikov will tell you that this is a man who loves the game of poker. His last three results are a microcosm of this, he finished sixth in a €3,000 event in December, whilst a month ago he was mixing it up in HK$ 250,000 (€26,000) High Roller with the likes of Fabian Quoss a day after finishing runner-up in a HK$ 8,800 (€915) event.

Delve a little deeper and you'll find that he's as at home in a three or four figure event as he is in a five figure event which is apt as he was straddling the two buy-ins earlier today when he attempted a bit of live multi-tabling.

The Russian, who won the €10,000 High Roller here in Prague a year ago, was still in the record breaking €1,000 Eureka Prague Main Event which, was now into Day 2 and was approaching the bubble. But he'd also entered the €50,000 Super High Roller and was switching between the two.


Soshnikov - running shoes not pictured

Although there were some tables in the Eureka Main Event that were near the portion of the room that the Super High Roller was in, with 255 players getting paid in that event the players were strewn across a wide section of the tournament room. This meant that he had to traverse roughly half the room to go from stack to stack.

Fortunately for the Russian he had a stack of around 100,000 in the Eureka tournament meaning that, whilst he was below the average of 135,000, with blinds at 2,000/4,000 he was in no danger of blinding out. This meant he could multi-table with a little more freedom.

He made it safely into the money in the Eureka Main, securing a min-cash of € 1,800 but after making the money turned his attention to the higher buy-in event. When the Super High Roller went on a break he returned to find that his table had broke and he had no idea where his stack was. He needs fifth place in the Eureka to cover the Super High Roller buy-in and for now is content to let his stack blind off in the former event.

And that's because he's still very much in the Super High Roller and as level six ended and the break began he was locked in a pot against Tobias Reinkemeier. With a full board of 8♣9♥Q♦5♠J♥ he bet around half the 65,000 that was in the pot and, after a long tank, the German released his hand. Soshnikov moved up to 435,000, well above the current tournament average of 282,000.


Soshnikov - going well amongst the Super High Rollers

There's two more levels to go in the Super High Roller but if he fancies some more multi-tabling the €330 Prague Cup gets under way shortly.

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Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Super High Roller