EPT Barcelona: Aces cracked on the bubble

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now
Simon Young reports:
Poor old Hubyone (Hubert Attali), the unluckiest man in Spain, has just come to tell me about his last moments in the EPT before busting on the bubble. The computer expert, 33, who works in an investment bank in Paris, takes up the story. Tissues out, folks:

"I was in the cut-off position and had A-A and the table chip leader raised by 11,000. Everyone else folded and I had no option but to put myself all-in for my last 35,000 chips. It was the right thing to do and, of course, I wanted him to call. I could not think he would beat me and did not think for a moment about going out on the bubble.

"He took three or four minutes, asking me if I had A-A. Of course, I said nothing. Eventually he calls with Qh-10h, and I was very pleased.

"The flop was not dangerous - there was one heart - but the turn and the river were both hearts so he made a runner, runner flush.

"I am so disappointed. I had played well to get this far. But I played the right way on that last hand."

There's not a lot more you can add to that. Unlucky, monsieur.

Juicy for Jouni
Better news for Jouni Laiho, who has doubled up to just under 100,000. He got all in pre-flop with J-J and even hit a set on the flop. Far too much for his opponent's A-Q.

Meanwhile Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, who had taken a hit and was down to 15,000, moved all in with A-K. He was called by the big blind on Q-Q. A king on the turn doubled him up to a still wobbly 33,000.

Then next hand he moved all in again, everyone folded and he happily flashed his K-J.

Brad Willis
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