EPT Barcelona: Day 2 - Dlopt up, but Babeee's OUT

Dlopt river joy
The remaining 86 players have just returned from their well-deserved dinner break.

About ten PokerStars qualifiers remain, and Dlopt (David Layani) has won another big pot, moving up to an ominous 230,000. He limped pre-flop with 6-6, finding one opponent on a flop of 2-2-10 with two spades.

All the money went in, with his opponent holding the A-5 of spades. The turn was 4 of spades making the flush, but the river was a third 2, giving our man the full house.

Bye bye Babeee
No such luck for Babeee (Anne Schoendorff, above). After a topsy-turvy evening, she has finally crashed. With a raise of 5,500 before her, she moved all in for her remaining 28,400 chips with A-K. Jeff Lisandro came over the top of her with Q-Q and there was another caller holding A-Q. The board was 9-4-8-9-5, helping no-one but Lisandro, the Italian who came 17th in the WSOP main event this year, now sits pretty.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3