EPT Barcelona: Day 2 - French resistance

David the goliath
Zut alors! Our favourite Frenchman Dlopt (David Layani) is building a mountain of chips, and now peeks from behind a stack of more than 200,000.

A lot of the good work was done a moment ago on a complete bluff. He raised pre-flop to 4,000, only to be re-raised to 12,000. Dlopt asked for his opponent to show his remaining stack, and then called.

The flop came 2-5-10 rainbow and the other player bet 23,000. Dlopt went to raise but accidentally put in 25,000, resulting in a call.

The turn came a J, which his opponent checked, leaving Dlopt to move all in. After a bit of a dwell, mateboy folded - and our hero showed his monster 6-7 of spades. Don't take on the French Resistance.

Growing lad
Another player on the move is Stephen Pearce, who started today on 7,000, but is now on 107,000. Born in the UK he now lives in Portugal and clearly finds some magic here in Barcelona, where last year he won the 1,000 euro no-limit tournament, and this year he scooped the 500 euro no-limit title. Will the EPT be next?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3