EPT Barcelona: Day 3 - Dlopt OUT, Lahtinen OUT

Ivey dumps Dlopt
What is it with Phil Ivey and sixes?

Yesterday he hit quads and a set - and today he has just bagged trip sixes to eliminate our Frenchman Dlopt (David Layani) in a monster pot.

Dlopt, a PokerStars qualifier, had a fine showing throughout the tournament, but was sucked in by Ivey, who has now taken the chip lead and is looking menacing.

On a flop of J-6-6 Ivey bet out with 75,000. Dlopt raised another 100,000, only for Ivey to come back with yet another 100,000 raise. The betting momentum was too much, and Dlopt moved all-in for his remaining 370,000 or so, called by Ivey.

Dlopt showed A-Q, while Ivey had the six in the bag with his 6-7. The turn was 8, river 4, and Dlopt was heading back across the border to France.

Ivey sits at close to 1.3 million. Not a bad showing for his first EPT event.

Lahtinen OUT
Teemu Lahtinen from Finland has also departed in 10th place, bagging 25,400 euro. He was woefully short-stacked and pushed the 35,000 in the middle in the face of a 60,000 raise from Bjorn-Erik Glenne.

Teemu showed K-3, Glenne an A-10. The flop 6-6-8 helped only Glenne, and the turn of an A settled the matter.

We are now on the final table "bubble".

Who's won what so far on the final day (euros).
1: 691,000
2. 371,000
3. 184,300
4. 161,300
5. 138,200
6. 115,200
7. 92,200
8. 69,100
9. 46,100
10. 25,400 Teemu Lahtinen
11. 25,400 David Layani 'Dlopt'
12. 25,400 Noah Boeken
13. 20,750 Gusten Sjoberg

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3