EPT Barcelona: Day 3 - the lucky 13

Welcome to the finale
After three long days of gruelling competition we still haven't got our final table - but we're close. Play starts shortly.

Jeff Lisandro, Italy: 1002300
Bjorn-Erik Glenne, Norway: 955400
Phil Ivey, United States: 827800
David Daneshgar, United States: 397100
Joakim Geigert, Sweden: 331100
Dave Gregory, United States: 245800
David Layani 'Dlopt', France: 218600 - PokerStars qualifier (above, top)
Noah Boeken, Holland: 190600
Teemu Lahtinen, Finland: 166400
Robin Keston, United Kingdom: 152200
Kristian Ulriksen, Norway: 130200
Jon Dull 'KidPokerJD', United States: 113000 - PokerStars qualifier (above)
Gusten Sjoberg, Sweden: 74600

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3