EPT Barcelona: Day 3 - two exits

Sjoberg OUT, Boeken OUT
We are just ten minutes into the final day here in Barcelona - and we've lost two players already.
Gusten Sjoberg from Sweden was very low in chips and was obviously going to make a move as soon as he could.

He must have been confident when his A-Q all-in was called by David Daneshgar and his K-Q. Daneshgar was dominated, but the poker gods don't listen to trivial things like that, and the board of K-4-A-K-6 rather proved the point.

So Gusten's 70,000 or so chips have moved across the table to Daneshgar, who now has about 470,000 in front of him.

Time for the players to settle down? No chance, just a couple of hands later Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (below) departed in 12th place.

He had A-K and moved in for all his chips pre-flop - and found a caller in PokerStars qualifier Dlopt (David Layani) with Q-7. A seven on the flop was cruel, and another seven on the turn made matters terminally worse.

Blinds here are no 6,000/12,000 with a running 1,000 ante. At this rate the final table will be up and running soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3