EPT Barcelona: Dlopt floors Hansen

Dlopt shoves Hansen out the door
Frenchman Dlopt (David Layani) has gone into orbit.

First he knocked OUT Gus Hansen to move on to 320,000, and moments later busted another player to make his stack about 450,000 and clear chip leader.

The charging PokerStars qualifier had got into a battle of the blinds with Hansen. More of a war, as it turned out. It was folded around to Dlopt on the small blind, and he called, only for Gus to raise by 11,000.

Dlopt re-raised another 11,000.

Gus, not noted for being shy about these things, re-re-raised all in for his remaining 90,000 or so. Dlopt called like a shot and showed K-K, while Gus had one of his odd ones, Qd-10h.

The flop was As-Kd-9d, giving our man a set, but Gus a straight draw. Turn was 10d giving Gus the straight flush draw but the river came 6s. Exit the Dane.

Then another monster for Dlopt. He got all in pre-flop with another player with 10-10. His opponent had K-J and Dlopt looked to be taking a hit when the flop came 8-J-3. But he hit another 10 on the turn to rake in another 130,000.

Is there no stopping this man?

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3