EPT Barcelona: Down to six

It's over for Keston and the Kid
Bjorn Erik Glenne has busted two short-stacks in the same hand, leaving us down to six players on the final table.

With blinds up to 10,000/20,000 with a 2,000 ante, KidpokerJD (Jonathan Dull, above with his sister) moved all-in and was called by Glenne AND by Robin Keston (above, top).

It was a three-way struggle, and only one would win it. KidpokerJD showed A-9, Glenne Q-Q and Keston 9-9. Glenne was a huge favourite, and with a board of 3-J-4-6-4 he stayed ahead throughout.

Congratulations to KidpokerJD, the last survivor of the 118 PokerStars qualifiers. The remaining big stacks are circling like vultures. Who will be the next victim?

Who's won what so far on the final day (euros).
1: 691,000
2. 371,000
3. 184,300
4. 161,300
5. 138,200
6. 115,200
7. 92,200 Robin Keston
8. 69,100 Jon Dull KidPokerJD
9. 46,100 Kristian Ulriksen
10. 25,400 Teemu Lahtinen
11. 25,400 David Layani 'Dlopt'
12. 25,400 Noah Boeken
13. 20,750 Gusten Sjoberg

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3