EPT Barcelona: Nearing the money

Close but no cigar
We are getting close to the money, and agonisingly PokerStars qualifier Billiam_CDN (William Fitzpatrick) has departed in 52nd place.

Finding himself with 50,000 - below the average of about 75,000 - and holding 8-8, he got in a pre-flop raising war with a big stack. They got to see the flop of 10-3-3, which Billiam_CDN bet with 10,000. His opponent moved over the top to put him all in. Our man called, and to his horror was met with A-10.

No help on the turn or river, and Mr Fitzpatrick was heading home. Well, not quite. He's not going back to Toronto just yet, because he's off to play in the London EPT next week.

"I have never been to London so I plan to enjoy a few days there before the EPT starts again. Today was a little unfortunate. I had to double up twice - both coin flips - to get to the position I was in, and then pushed with the 8-8. It has been a good experience, though."

He's only been playing poker for a year or so, and judging by his strong showing here we'll be seeing a lot more of him soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3