EPT Barcelona: Now it's four

No Joakim
We have lost Sweden's Joakim Geigert, knocked out by Bjorn Erik Glenne.

Bjorn raised pre-flop, Geigert moved over the top and Glenne called.

The flop was 5-9-4, Glenne checked, Geigert moved all in and Glenne called in a flash. Geigert showed A-3 for the ace high and gutshot straight draw. But Glenne had him with K-9 for top pair.

The turn and river - Q-4 - were no help for the Swede, and he left four players to fight it out for the big one.

They are big stacks Glenne and Ivey, smaller stack David Gregory and even smaller stack David Daneshgar. At this stage you fancy Glenne and Ivey to end up heads up - but as ever there could be many twists and turns before then.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3