EPT Barcelona: Push and shove

Pushing time
As expected, it's starting to get a bit frantic out there.

Players on shorter stacks are pushing, desperate for double-ups that could move them up a few branches on the money tree.

We are down to 36 players, and that last to fall was none other than our Norwegian qualifier Org45 (Jorgen Kjerkol). Remember him? At the start of today's play he was short-stacked (about 11,000) and told me he was desperate for early action.

But being sat next to Phil Ivey on the TV table would make his job of survival just that little but harder.

Well, he lasted more than SIX hours and has 6,900 euro to show for it. And far from being disappointed to be out, he's "very, very happy".

The final curtain came down on his centre-stage adventure when he pushed all his last 40,000 chips or so all in with K-Q. He was called by Exclusive (Noah Boeken) who held A-J. Neither player improved, and Jorgen was off to see tournament director Thomas Kremser to collect his hard-earned cash.

"I am very pleased with how my day went. I played bravely and aggressively. I felt under a bit of pressure playing on the TV table, especially as I was next to Phil Ivey for three or four hours, but I got more chips and the pressure was off a bit.

"Then as the bubble approached I was worried about missing out, so I started going all-in, perhaps two or three times without even looking at my cards. It worked, and I got the blinds to avoid going out. I went down a bit again - that is why I went all in against Noah."

Noah has since won another big put, forcing an opponent to fold a 50,000 bet. He now sits on over 200,000 and has the pedigree to push this one all the way.

No kidding
The blinds are currently 3,000/6,000 with a 600 running ante, and another PokerStars qualifier doing the business is KidpokerJD (Johnathan Dull). He's up to 130,000. On one hand he grabbed the 25,000 pot by forcing his opponent to fold when the board read 4-J-4-6.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3