EPT Barcelona: They all count

Petri's 10 is enough
PokerStars qualifier Petri Pietila from Finland is struggling to hold on to his EPT seat after a tremendous effort to get this far. We are down to 16 players.

Petri has been sitting quietly on the feature table, recently joined by Holland's Abel Meijberg. Abel raised 30,000, re-raised all-in by Petri for another 9,300. Call from Abel and it was over on their backs. Petri showed 7-10, Abel 7-6.

The board came Q-A-8-K-K giving Petri possibly the lowest winning hand of the tournament so far!

Meanwhile Phil Ivey continues his steady progress and is up to 220,000. He has just eliminated Marga Gonzales when his 6-6 made QUADS on the river. Gonzales' A-J was not even at the races.

Roland de Wolfe is OUT.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3