EPT Barcelona: Three and easy

Two Davids, then one
And then there were three! David Daneshgar (above), the pro from Los Angeles, has left us after a critical tussle with David Gregory.

Daneshgar had been flirting with danger for a while, waiting to pick his spot for a double up. This was not it. He got all in before the flop with his Q-8 and was called by Gregory's 6-6.

The sixes have proved to be killer cards for the past few days, and so it proved for Daneshgar. His face, partly hidden below a baseball cap, lit up when he saw a Q emerge from the dealer's hands.

His joy was shortlived - the next card to come out was a six, followed by a three. Gregory had a set, Daneshgar top pair, and nothing on the turn or river changed that.

The three wise men - Ivey, Glenne and Gregory - are now on a one-hour break before coming back for the grand finale.

Don't miss it.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3