EPT Barcelona: Three exits and the day's over

Lucky 13
Play is over for the day. We are down to 13 players.

We have had two quick exits from the same table. Britain's Ian Woodley has fallen in 16th after raising to 30,000 under the gun and being met by a 90,000 volley from Kristian Ulriksen. Woodley had A-6, Ulriksen A-K and no help on the board.

Almost straight away Petri Pietila fell when he moved all in for his last 55,000 and met with a call from Jeff Lisandro and one other. The flop of 5-3-3 saw Lisandro move in with another 80,000 leaving him heads up Pietila, who had K-Q. No match for Jeff's 4-4 and the turn and river didn't help either. Lisandro is up to 950,000 to rival Ivey's stack.

Johnny Lodden went all-in with A-8 on an 8-4-3 flop and fell foul of Bjorn Eric Glenne's kings.

EPT Barcelona Day 3 chip counts -- Jeff Lisandro 1002300 -- Bjorn-Erik Glenne 955400 -- Phil Ivey 827800 -- David Daneshgar 397100 -- Joakim Geigert 331100 -- Dave Gregory 245800 -- David Layani 'Dlopt' 218600 -- Noah Boeken 190600 -- Teemu Lahtinen 166400 -- Robin Keston 152200 -- Kristian Ulriksen 130200 -- Jon Dull KidPokerJD 113000 -- Gusten Sjoberg 74600 --

Brad Willis
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