EPT Barcelona: We're heads-up

Gregory gone
We are now heads up - David Gregory has been knocked out by the seemingly untouchable Bjorn Erik Glenne.

Gregory - who had moved above a struggling Phil Ivey in the chip count - faced a raise pre-flop by Glenne of 120,000, and moved all-in over the top for his remaining 550,000. Glenne called.

Gregory showed K-10, Glenne A-5. The flop was K-7-5 giving Gregory hope of getting right back in this final and closer to Glenne.

But a second five on the turn made the Norwegian trips and sent Gregory spinning towards the exit.

Ivey, on little more than 350,000 chips, now faces a mountain to climb against Glenne, who has 4.5 million.

The pattern before Gregory's exit had been push and shove. Unfortunately for him and Ivey, Glenne had been doing the pushing, while they had been doing the shoving - their chips over to him, that is.

Ivey has been strangely subdued. His re-raises being met with moves over the top forcing him to fold on more than one occasion.

He's been in this position before, though, and you know you can't rule him out. However, it seems some of Glenne's supporters already have. They are cheering from the rail and keeping the barmen busy...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Season 3