EPT Copenhagen: 20 players head to the buffet

Four hours, four levels, what has really happened? Well, nearly 20 players have left Casino Copenhagen with a cheque, a story, but with disappointment weighing heavily on their shoulders. That it happened so fast may mean they won’t feel the real effects for many days. Right now we can only look at those left...

Tim Vance has shifted himself into prime position and of everyone in the card room seems to be enjoying himself most. And why not? He’s a long way from home, still a way off the first place cheque of DKK 6,220,488 but cushioned from the effects of missing home and daughter by a good run here. Tim’s currently in third place.


Joris Jaspers of Holland

Also a word about Joris Jaspers, a regular PokerStars qualifier and one of those guys who goes out of his way to be approachable, and with that you can’t help but wish him well. He’s been there or thereabouts right from yesterday and is still there on 209k, behind Rasmus Nielsen in first place with 458k.


Soren Jensen

Soren Jensen, he of “Soren Man!” chants of yesterday will have a granite story to tell if he makes it through the day. All-ins on day one (“Soren Man!”) and some double ups yesterday (“Soren Man!”) have brought him here. He was at the back of the pack but he’d been there before many times and it hadn’t bothered him then. His chip stack is back – his fighting spirit restored.

Note - It seems references to Soren's tendency for third person exclamations was a little wide of the mark - rather than chanting his own name Soren is effectively saying "That's it, man!" instead - slightly different.


PokerStars qualifier Runar Runarsson

Runar Runarsson, an eagle eyed player and PokerStars qualifier from Iceland, has made two double ups today to keep his hand in the game. We’re approaching the dinner break after four levels and 21 players remaining.

For details of latest chip counts click here...

Kara Scott and the video blog team have the situation report at the dinner break...

All photos © Neil Stoddart

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen