EPT Copenhagen: A changing landscape in the poker room

We’re into level three and after navigating through the frustrations of a shaky internet connection the landscape has changed a little.

Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri has succumbed to that terrible condition known as terminal lack of chips. At its worst it sends players out and Dario has just that. Like in Dortmund his tournament ended earlier than expected - “Probably on a bluff” quipped his pal and fellow Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano.


Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

PokerStars Sponsored player Sebastian Ruthenberg has suffered the same fate, leaving the tournament room in the early levels. And despite best efforts at a revival ElkY will join him. It was fellow Team PokerStars Pro Bill Chen who saw to it that last year’s runner-up would have the night off. When ElkY pushed with A-Q Chen called with a solid gold pair sixes which held.


Sebastian Ruthenberg

Meanwhile Noah Boeken has got a bit of momentum going after a few early setbacks. He’d been down to around 7k before bumping his stack back up to 10k shortly before the break.

When the crowds gather and then disperse in some distant corner of the room you know something has happened – this time it was Annette Obrestad at the centre of attention, cast adrift from the EPT Copenhagen.


Annette Obrestad

She raised on the button with K-Q before being re-raised by the big blind. When Annette called they saw a K-4-2 flop. The big blind player now started betting. 1750 on the flop – called. Another 2,750 on the turn (a four) – called. The big blind pushed on the river and after a tank call by Annette he flipped over A-K. A short day at the office for Annette_15.

One other name stands out on the casualty list - that of Peter Swartling.

Johnny Lodden missed out on rockets and suffered for it in a particularly cruel way. His first card was an ace then the dealer accidentally flipped over his second card – another ace. Not put off when the second card came a king Lodden, who was looking to double up before his stack got any worse, pushed in and was called by eights. The pair held sending Lodden to the rail.

Peter is no bad player having won events in Sweden as recently as last Christmas, but news of his elimination would probably thrill anyone with sympathies for talent shows - Swartling is the Swedish version of Simon Cowell on their version of ‘Idol’ (X-Factor if you’re in the UK). Word is he’s vicious as a judge but his talent for spotting the next big thing music wise hasn’t followed him to Copenhagen and the poker tables. He’s out before the second break of the day – by a better hand I should add, not a phone vote.

That’s how it looks in level four on day 1a but last night for anyone who missed it Daniel Negreanu hosted the Scandinavian Poker Awards last night in downtown Copenhagen. Here’s a recap...

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen