EPT Copenhagen: A long way to come not to have fun

The 170 left at dinner soon became 164, then 150 and is now 141. I spoke to Dustin Mele earlier today, the proud PokerStars Passport holder. He opted to take it easy yesterday rather than explore the city, and perhaps catch up with the sleep deprived him by jetlag from a New York flight. He can leave the sightseeing till later in the week he says, although by the looks of things he may be busy - on over 25k as players reconvened.


PokerStars Passport winner Dustin Mele

Another PokerStars qualifier who seems to be having a good time is Timothy Vance. He’s here the FPP route and is playing hands from a standing position, swaying back and forth slightly, nervous energy powering his drive into the Copenhagen night which is now a foggy one. Timothy sits back down. As far as the table goes it could be worse, but danger lurks everywhere and there’s no shortage of confidence from his table mates – one of which has an open shirt revealing his chest and bright red trousers - no end of bravado.


PokerStars qualifier Timothy Vance

The player next to Timothy asks for directions to the bathroom... “Go out that door” says Timothy “hang a right, down the stairs... no I’m kidding” he says. Poker is a game that can feature glum faces stricken by ego, but his are the hallmarks of a man having fun, despite a dwindling stack of 11k.

“I’ve played an EPT before, two years ago in London” he says. “I think I busted out five or six off the money.”

Since then there’s been WPT and WSOP events making him no stranger to live tournament play, including a cash in a Tunica event for over $33k. But here he’s looking for that first EPT cash which, from speaking to him, he’d spend with his young daughter Nanzi, currently being looked after by her grandmother back home. Her photo is firmly attached to the inside of his baseball cap which he proudly displays.

So, worried about his prospects? He doesn’t seem to be...

“I’m still here and that’s what counts.”


Talking of money the payouts have been confirmed. 40 players will be paid from a total prize pool of DKK 21,086,400. (Euro amounts are approximate).

1st -- DKK 6,220,488 -- € 834,590
2nd -- DKK 3,521,429 -- € 472,463
3rd -- DKK 2,045,381 -- € 274,425
4th -- DKK 1,560,394 -- € 209,355
5th -- DKK 1,286,270 -- € 172,576
6th -- DKK 1,012,147 -- € 135,798
7th -- DKK 801,283 -- € 107,507
8th -- DKK 569,333 -- € 76,386

9th and 10th -- DKK 347,926 -- € 46,680
11th and 12th -- DKK 274,123 -- € 36,779
13th and 14th -- DKK 210,864 -- € 28,291
15th and 16th -- DKK 147,605 -- € 19,804
17th to 24th -- DKK 115,975 -- € 15,560
25th to 32nd -- DKK 84,346 -- € 11,316
33rd to 40th -- DKK 63,259 -- € 8,487

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen