EPT Copenhagen: A surprise or two in the first level

Well he certainly had a chance, and when Severin Hovde found pocket sevens a few hands in he no doubt figured his opportunity had come. He pushed with his 27k, getting a call from Joris Jaspers with A-4. Joris might like the omen this flop brought – A-5-4. Two pairs for the Dutchman, 39th place for Severin and DKK63,259 or € 8,487.

A recap of the payouts...

1st -- DKK 6,220,488 -- €834,590
2nd -- DKK 3,521,429 -- €472,463
3rd -- DKK 2,045,381 -- €274,425
4th -- DKK 1,560,394 -- €209,355
5th -- DKK 1,286,270 -- €172,576
6th -- DKK 1,012,147 -- €135,798
7th -- DKK 801,283 -- €107,507
8th -- DKK 569,333 -- €76,386
9th -- DKK 347,926 -- €46,680
10th -- DKK 347,926 -- €46,680
11th and 12th -- DKK 274,123 -- €36,779
13th and 14th -- DKK 210,864 -- €28291
15th and 16th -- DKK 147,605 -- €19,804
17th to 24th -- DKK 115,975 -- €15,560
25th to 32nd -- DKK 84,346 -- €11,316
33rd to 40th -- DKK 63,259 -- €8,487

If you saw the video blogs earlier this week you may have seen American player Danny Ryan who for the PCA alone won between 15 and 20 seats, walking the streets of Copenhagen for a breather. He’s not going anywhere yet and spoke to Kara Scott before cards took to the air...

Whilst Danny Ryan smiles his way through the first level Trond Eidsvig, he of Rookie of the Year fame at the Scandinavian Poker Awards, was seen heading for the door and out. Widely tipped to make a big impact today and reach a third EPT final in season four alone (after Barcelona and Dublin), he started with 159k but was out by the careering hand of Joris Jaspers – his A-T quashed by the Q-J of Joris on a T-9-9-8-2 board.

Torbjorn Jonson, Michael Eriksson and Peter Eastgate have also been eliminated. Eastgate was the leader going into day two yesterday but his tournament has run its course, out in 33rd place.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen