EPT Copenhagen: Chip leads and tribulations into level 7

Ole Brandborn is one of those people who swapped the press room for the tournament room some time ago. Not happy to watch from the rail he’s an accomplished tournament player and thanks to Alex Kravchenko sitting to his right now has a stack worth over 70k and the chip lead.

Whilst Kravchenko looks fearsome – mirrored sunglasses and a Teddy KGB red zip up top with the stripes down the arms, Ole wears the uniform of many a young poker player – sponsored polo shirt, comfortable shoes and three days of beard. It’s a tough looking table with Andreas Hoivold and Bill Chen also among the company.

Meanwhile Daniel Negreanu continues the table hoping that takes him to what must be his fourth table of the day. He’s now sitting alongside fellow Team PokerStars pro Noah Boeken who, like the rest of the table, lets Daniel lead the talking.


Team PokerSTars Pro Noah Boeken

Winning or losing Negreanu likes a chat, which breaks the monotony of a slow period for players and press alike. But Noah’s hopes of double Copenhagen glory are looking slim as his chip stack suffers, down to just 5,200 now – not big compared to some chip counts at the break at the end of level six...

Tommy Pavlicek – PokerStars qualifier – Canada – 35k
Peter Eichhardt – Sweden – 21k
Bengt Sonnert – Sweden – 24k
Daniel Negreanu – Team PokerStars Pro – Canada – 26k
Noah Boeken – Team PokerStars Pro – Holland – 5,100

Thierry van der Berg – Holland – 6k
Thor Hansen – Norway – 10,700
Trond Eidsvig – Norway – 45,500
Bill Chen – Team PokerStars Pro – 12k
Ole Brandborn – Sweden – 74k
Alex Kravchenko – Russia -- 35k
Andreas Hoivold – Norway -- 14k
Jonas Molander – Sweden – 12,300
Mel Judah – Australia – 7,300
Gus Hansen – Denmark – 14k
Barny Boatman – England – 15,500

He’s still the headline Dane here today – Gus Hansen displays his own technique for keeping on top of things...

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen