EPT Copenhagen: The big names keep falling

The next big faller today is Tony G. Believe it or not this is G’s first EPT and it didn’t last long. He made a flush on an all heart flop whilst his opponent’s two pairs became a full house on a merciless river.

Tony is in good company though as Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater also found her Copenhagen experience to be a little on the short side when she was dealt a pair of aces from the dark side rather than the good side - where they tend to stand up. They were topped by trip kings which materialised on the river – another to suffer on fifth street. There’s now a Katja shaped space on table 41.


Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater

One player not here today is Nicola Voss. Her story is an interesting one – one of work commitments literally getting in the way at the last minute.

Journalist Nicola was bought into the EPT Copenhagen by her company and was on her way to the Casino Copenhagen this morning to register when her plans changed slightly. Top of the news here in Copenhagen was a bomb blast at 11am in the Osterbro district of the city just three miles from here. Whilst nobody was hurt duty called for Nicola who is now covering that story instead of making her own story here.

Andy Black, complete with lucky Vajra, is laying down the law of Andy – an attack on the tranquil course that the table could easily have taken. By the look in his eyes that flick side to side looking at each player at his table, Andy wants to win chips. And fast.


Andy Black

When he gets into this mode it’s like he can actually see how the future should take shape – a bet, a check, a fold – a glimpse of something no one else knows. When it doesn’t go as expected his eyes get back to darting around again, up and down, from the table to the player, re-adjusting to fit this new reality with this world order that’s being nudged slightly. Why? The answer is buried in his head somewhere. But for now it’s the chips that matter.

Another pot, this time involving Stig Farholt and Alexander Petersen and both clearly don’t see the future as Andy does. Black calls a Farholt bet and Petersen, wearing a desert shamag around his neck re-raises to 550, getting both opponents to call.

A 3-8-4 flop checked all round. An ace on the turn and Farholt makes it 1,500, ruining this one for Andy who’s forced to muck. Black still follows the action as if still armed with live cards. Next hand and Black is firing again.


Alexander Petersen

Again it’s Farholt making the running and Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano is in on this one as well. 4-5-J on the flop and big bets from Black which forces Luca and Farholt to muck. This is more like it. The equilibrium is restored to Andy Black’s face. You almost image there to be a rumbling inside his head.
He’s in the next hand too...

Petersen once more, taking the pot. “Why can’t you fold?” asks Andy. No reply.

And the next hand...

Pocket threes this time for Andy on an 8-T-5-2-5 board. It beats whatever Luca had – he mucks. Black did this in Dublin and has done it each time he’s played an EPT. It’s called chip building – all part of the law of Andy.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen