EPT Copenhagen: Play reaches the dinner break

For anyone interested in the Gross Domestic Product of Denmark – a country widely believed to have a better than average economy – around half of it looked to be in play in a hand between Denmark’s Lars Juul Madsen and Sweden’s Patrik Andersen.

The pot measured 160k when Andersen showed his pocket sevens – good for a set – against the A-6 of Lars which had made a pair on the flop. Andersen has since been catapulted into the lead.

Team PokerStars Pro Bill Chen has been eliminated; a simple case of moving in with A-9 on a flop of 9-7-2 only to run into queens. And Nedin Musa is also out, despite a strong showing yesterday. He moved in over a raise from Thomas Christiansen with pocket kings. Christiansen held A-K and caught an ace on the flop sending the Dane out.

100 players left...

Ola Brandborn has lost some of the initial vigour that took him into the chip lead and beyond in the few minutes of the day. He’s back down to 40k whilst Trond Eidsvig in the hoops has done nothing but add to his stack, sitting as he does now with 105k.


Peter Hedlund

PokerStars qualifier Timothy Vance from St Louis, who we talked to yesterday, has also worked his way back into the safe zone, over 45k. But Peter Hedlund, he of vBlog notoriety busted as we entered level 12, losing out on a coin flip.

“No?” someone asked.

“Of course not... I’ve never won a coin flip in all my life...”

To the rail goes one of the most entertaining players in the game...

I’ve been cautious in what I say about Dustin Mele today. There are few players you want as much to do well but his stack has been clinging onto life for a long time and the sense was that it was soon be a day two exit for the young New Yorker.

So it’s with a bit of relief I can be the bearer of better news for Dustin who managed to just quadruple up. The bad news is it still only leaves him with 20k, but still, that’s more a fighting weight than before.

It came in a four way pot – pretty much what you’re looking for when the situation is critical – involving Ilari Sahamies and two others. Dustin had A-T of diamonds and the flop, K-Q-8 brought two more. When Ilari bet on the flop the others folded, getting a “thank you” from Dustin. The turn brought a ten, and he made the nut flush on the river.

The other notable big pot involved the big talker from earlier Leroy Soesman, a hand that cost Rolf Slotboom a chunk of chips and sent Sargon Ruye to the rail.

Sargon had moved all-in with A-9, Soesman did the same with K-Q finding Slotboom calling with A-J. The board hit everyone but favoured Soesman – 5-Q-2-A-Q. A set for Soesman who’s tournament goes from strength to strength.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen