EPT Copenhagen: Re-draws and eliminations

“I don’t have a hand, but whilst the camera’s on me I just want to say hello to my daughter Nanzi.”

This is Tim Vance making good use of the attention the camera is giving him during a hand on the feature table. He’s just arrived there after a re-draw.

One player no longer at the feature table, or in the tournament at all is Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano. His hopes of a third EPT final table were ended by Martin Hansen whose pair of queens held fast against Luca’s lower pair and flush draw.

Luca spoke to Kara Scott shortly afterwards...

PokerStars qualifier Michael Marek is also out having turned a $109 satellite win into DKK 115,975 or €15,560. Other results so far...

Collecting DKK115,975 or €22,572

23rd -- Christoffer Thorsen -- Norway
24th -- Andreas Glannbro -- Sweden

Collecting DKK84,346 or €16,416

25th -- Henrik Rune -- Denmark
26th -- Miikka Samuli Mustonen -- Finland
27th -- Luca Pagano -- Team PokerStars Pro -- Italy
28th -- Allan Baekke -- PokerStars qualifier – Denmark

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen