EPT Copenhagen: That's the money done, now we need a final

170 arrived this afternoon for what usually proves be the most gripping day of any EPT. Day two unites survivors from the two flights in one grand room and doesn’t let them out until the required number are left. Just as they congratulate each other on surviving their respective day ones they’re at each other trying to beat them to a cash finish on the dry side of the bubble.

Today that number was 40, and as the clock struck the eighth level we were still six players from that magic number. The level would not finish though before Claus Tversted from Denmark, despite a valiant day at the coal face, passed the audition for bubble boy, marginally ahead of 40th place finisher Haward Speer.


Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano making a record 8th EPT cash finish

It leaves 40 players leaving here for rest, safe in the knowledge that they will get some financial compensation for two full days at the tables. Among them is Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano who makes a record eighth cash finish in an EPT. It also includes PokerStars qualifiers Tim Vance and Tommy Pavlicek among others - Vance cashing despite a brush with elimination late yesterday.

The last Englishman Barny Boatman would not make the dinner break, neither would French pros Nicolas Levi and Arnaud Mattern. As the day progressed Team PokerStars Pros Bill Chen and Noah Boeken, Andreas Hoivold, Bengt Sonnert, Markus Golser and Peter Hedlund were all eliminated.


Theo jorgensen

Despite showing signs otherwise the chip leaders Ola Brandborn and Theo Jorgensen were unable to hold onto their advantages. Jorgensen’s fall was quickest, the curse of the video blog team taking hold, whilst Brandborn’s great start soon turned into a period of intense suffering as opponents passed him on their way to the front.

So who came out best? Denmark’s Rasmus Hede Nielsen is at the top of the pile tonight with 295,500 but he’s in good company with Joris Jaspers, Johan Lund, Patrik Anderssen, Jan Sorensen and Joseph Serock, whose stack resembles a scale model of an aircraft carrier, all having good days.

We had illusions at the break from Florian Zimmer but there were a few magic tricks (neat link there) pulled off on the tournament floor to do for now. More than one man tonight was able to pull out miracle cards.
Tomorrow we take a step closer to the final, with more cut throat business to contend with. Don’t forget tomorrow sees the start of the EPT Live coverage starting at 2pm local time, 1pm in the UK and 8am on the East Coast – something to watch with your Cheerio’s.


In the meantime congratulations to PokerStars qualifiers Tommy Pavlicek, Allan Bække , Erik Veld, Michael Marek , Tim Vance, Runar Runarsson and Danny Ryan for making the money.

The full run down...

Rasmus Hede Nielsen -- Denmark -- 295,500
Joris Jaspers -- Holland -- 294,800
Johan Lund -- Sweden -- 290,500
Patrik Andersson -- Sweden -- 268,500
Jospeh Serock -- PokerStars qualifier -- USA -- 265,000
Jan Sørensen -- Denmark -- 173,500
Ed de Haas -- Holland -- 167,500
Timothy Vance -- PokerStars qualifier -- USA -- 154,000
Peter Eastgate -- Denmark -- 154,000
Trond Erik Eidsvig -- Norway -- 149,500
Simon Dørslund -- Denmark -- 148,500
Thomas Christiansen -- Denmark -- 145,500
Nicolas Dervaux -- France -- 143,500
Miikka Samuli Mustonen -- Finland -- 131,000
Daniel Ryan -- PokerStars qualifier -- USA -- 129,000
Michael Marek -- PokerStars qualifier -- Czech Republic -- 111,000

Henrik Rune -- Denmark -- 105,500
Martin Bjerring Hansen -- Denmark -- 105,000
Allan Bække -- PokerStars qualifier -- Denmark -- 95,500
Luca Pagano -- Team PokerStars Pro -- Italy -- 93,500

Jarle Aasen -- Norway -- 93,500
Tommy Pavlicek -- PokerStars qualifier -- Canada -- 87,500
Andreas Glannbro -- Sweden -- 85,500
Torbjörn Jonson -- Sweden -- 85,500
Ulrik Pedersen -- Denmark -- 77,000
Peter Kalsen Petersen -- Denmark -- 70,500
Gino Alacqua -- Italy -- 70,000
Alexander Kravchenko -- Russia -- 68,000
Rolf Slotboom -- Holland -- 64,000
Christoffer Thorsen -- Norway -- 64,000
Magnus Hansen -- Denmark -- 60,500
Søren Jensen -- Denmark -- 58,500
Runar Runarsson -- PokerStars qualifier -- Iceland -- 56,000
Christian Grundtvig -- Denmark -- 54,500
Sigbjørn Mortueit -- Norway -- 47,800
Erik Veld -- PokerStars qualifier -- Holland -- 46,000
Michael Eriksson -- Sweden -- 32,000
Kristian Pedersen -- Denmark -- 28,000
Severin Hovde -- Norway -- 27,200

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All photos © Neil Stoddart

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen