EPT Copenhagen: The Hedlund system in action on day 1b

He’s chatting to anyone, standing and walking around for a bit. Then he’s encouraging the young player on the table next to him who just lost a big pot. “Start building again” he says. “You want a beer? You need a beer. I’ll get you a beer.”

The only problem with this inspired plan is that he can’t find a waitress. “Can you get me beers?”

Duty kept me within the rope line. No problem though. A few moments later the problem seemed to have passed.

“That’s head of marketing,” he says, pointing to a man walking out of the tournament room, “I think marketing, support maybe, anyway, I forget his title. But I just sent him to get me beer...”

Never a dull moment with Peter Hedlund...

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen