EPT Copenhagen: Tim Vance making a stand

Back on day one Timothy Vance played most of the day from a standing position, tipping from one foot to another, either talking to someone specifically or talking to anyone, and is experiencing for the first time the pandemonium of the last four tables of an EPT.


PokerStars qualifier Tim Vance

We’ve moved into the Casino’s main card room, out of the exhibition hall used for the first two days and into this place of low lighting, crowds, a bar, a thick rail and an electric atmosphere. It’s packed, it’s getting warm, there’s no room to move. It’s perfect.

I get the impression Tim Vance preferred the old room but that won’t matter if he makes his career best cash which will happen at around 16th place. But whatever he takes from here it came from just his initial FPP stake. Not bad for three days work (so far).

See you tomorrow Tim?

Results so far...

Collecting DKK84,346 -- €16,416

29th -- Erik Veld -- PokerStars qualifier -- Netherlands
30th -- Christian Grundtvig -- Denmark
31st -- Rolf Slotboom -- Netherlands
32nd -- Peter Eastgate -- Denmark

Collecting DKK 63,259 -- €12,312

33rd -- Ulrik Pedersen -- Denmark
34th -- Peter Petersen -- Denmark
35th -- Torbjorn Jonson -- Sweden
36th -- yet to pick up cash
37th -- Trond Eidsvig -- Norway
38th -- Alexander Kravchenko -- Russia
39th -- Severin Hovde -- Norway
40th -- Haward Speer -- PokerStars qualifier -- USA

As we work our way to the last eight one man walking the rooms itching to sit down and play – but forbidden to do so – is EPT creator John Duthie who, before a spell in the EPT Live commentary box, spoke to Kara Scott...

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Copenhagen