EPT Dortmund: Players in no mood to take things slow

Kara Scott talked to Marcel Luske ahead of today’s play...

Another name familiar to EPT followers is Brandon Schaeffer. On a permanent journey around the world since his season one success, would a few more Euros be of use to him? Kara Scott asked...

  • Schaefer Schaefted -- Just minutes in it looks like it may be a tough day for Brandon Schaeffer. He lost chips quick time, starting with the first hand. Aces can be good and bad and Brandon held the wretched kind, calling an all-in with aces to Jioi Kulhanek’s 3-4. The flop brought signs of a storm – 2-5-Q, and the 6 on the turn was the bolt of lightning to ruin everything.


    Brandon Schaefer

    There was no let up on the next hand either, a standard raise and a call from Kulhanek again, now in possession of his chips. Branded was all in on the A-Q-5 club flop with A-J. His opponent held tens, one of which was a fateful club. A club on the turn left Brandon with mere pocket change. To complete the beating Brandon’s all-in move with A-3 was ahead against K-9 until the king hit the river. Brandon out for €12,650.

  • Other fallers -- Steve Jelinek is out in the first stages, so too Manfred Bass andChabot Cyrille - chip leader from day 1a, who was eliminated by Claudio Rinaldi.

    Tournament director Thomas Kremser has announced we will keep playing until there are two tables remaining before there is a re-draw. We're currently still playing level 17 with blinds at 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante.

    Stephen Bartley
    @StephenBartley in EPT Dortmund