EPT Dortmund: The ballad of Ricky Fohrenbach

Ricky Fohrenbach - where have you heard that name before? Well Ricky finished 8th at the PCA a few weeks ago and was the chipper sounding 20-year-old who had a spell in the commentary box with the EPT Live team out in the Caribbean.


Richard Fohrenbach

“I’m on a pretty tough table with about 39k. My day one table was much easier!” He said. “I have Annette on my table and a pretty good player opposite. And Nicolas Levi in the white hat.”

Richard's eighth place finish came on his second attempt at the PCA and made him $150,000 in prize money. But at 20 years old Ricky has predictably played little live poker and doesn’t profess to being an expert just yet...

“I don’t pay attention to the way someone looks at their cards or watch if their eyebrows twitched or anything! I just play my cards. I haven’t played many big pots. I had queens against ace-nine and lost that. Then I got tens against 9-3 and they held up! But I’ve been up and down a bit."

So is it forward to poker or back to Boston College? Well, the Milford, Connecticut man seems unsure - but for now he'll settle for life as a young guy on the road playing a game for money and no reason to rush. And he has a plan B in place should things go wrong…

“I’ve never been to Europe before. In fact, if I bust out me and some friends are heading to Amsterdam!”

Somehow, they all end up in Amsterdam…

Tournament update -

Frenchman Nicolas Levi is out. Earlier today he'd been left with 4k in four neat stacks of black chips. "Chip and a chair" said someone from the rail. "Then bring me more chairs" shot back Nicolas. His tournament was ended soon after with a run in against Annette Obrestad.

Marcel Luske is faring better - he just doubled up to 47,000. Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater on the other hand spent the break pacing back and forth keeping away from people and questions. In the zone she was looking to recover from a hand against Brandon Schaeffer that had just cost her a few thousand..

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Dortmund