EPT Monte Carlo: Level 7 and 8 Wrap

So far today, players have finished off the second half of Level 7 and the whole of Level 8. Fewer than 300 players remain in the field. As mentioned earlier today, the top 80 players in the event will get paid. We won't reach that number today (unless something apocalyptic happens), but the big tournament movers will solidify their positions for tomorrow's contest.

At this hour, the players are coloring up and getting rid of their green 25-value chips.

The big story of the day to this point is Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano who has jumped out to a great start is now on more than 170,000 chips.

The story is not as good for Victor Ramdin who rode a rollercoaster from a short-stack to 30,000 to zero in just two hours.


Victor Ramdin -- © Neil Stoddart

We'll be doing a fresh chip count as soon as the players return from a 20-minute break.

Roving reporters Ed and Steve have been tracking the action through the past two hours of play and offer these fund tidbits.

The Ed Report

Level 7 Blinds 200/400 ante 50

  • Early in the action, PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano used his big stack and *perhaps* a strong hand to bully SuperNova Elite K345. K345 opened for 1200 (blinds 200 400) and Luca called from the big blind. The flop came 6d 3s 9s and Luca checked. Our SuperNova Elite made a pot sized continuation bet and Luca quickly came over the top making it 15,000 to go. K345 gave up his hand after considerable thought.

  • A battle of the blinds develops between Hungarian PokerStars player csaboka and Juha Helppi. csaboka limped pre-flop and Juha checked his option. 4d-Kh-Qh and a 1000 bet from Juha was called. The turn brought 3s and the river the Qs and the action was checked both times. csaboka showed an off-suit 10-9 to pick up the pot. Not so much a battle but more of a squabble. csaboka has around 80K and is one of the larger stacks in the room.

  • At the same table is the 2007 WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E Champion – Freddy Deeb. A pre-flop raise to 1500 from Gino Alacqua is called by Freddy. Qs-7c-Qh and both players check the flop. The turn is 6c and a 3650 bet from Gino takes it down. Freddy is down to around 30K and Gino is moving upwards to around the same level. With the scrum of press wandering around the floor, I stayed at the table for a while and saw another pot develop between members of this group. Gino raised to 1500 from early position and was called by both Juha and Freddy. The flop was 3h-Kc-3s and Juha fired 2000. Freddy folded but a raise to 6000 total from Gino was enough to make Juha fold. Gino up to 35K and Juha is down to 23K.

  • Players have been dropping like flies and 349 players remain with an average stack of 36K.

    Level 8 Blinds 300/600 ante 75

  • PokerStars qualifier Shane Reihill is one of the movers today. He got involved in a small pot pre-flop against Chris Min Lee. A 2000 pre-flop raise from Shane was called by Chris. Shane fired out 4600 on a flop of Ah-2c-5d which was enough to win it. Shane has over 110K.

  • Juha Helppi has been eliminated. Csaboka raised to 1600 which Juha called. The cut-off also called and then from the button MezmerisePlz raised to 8000 total. Csa folded but Juha pushed in for 30K total. CO folds but MezmerisePlz called. JJ for Juha and KQo for Mez. The board came 8h-10c-10s-2d-Kc to seal Juha’s fate. MezmerisePlz has around 100K now.

  • Seat 7 at table 42 was not lucky for German FPP qualifier Alex Kloos. With blinds at 300-600 and an ante of 25, he made a power play from late position, pushing his not quite half-average stack of 15000 chips across the line. The player to his right did not hesitate before pushing is own significantly larger stack toward the centre. Alex showed a decent blind steal hand of AT offsuit. His opponent quickly flipped over AA. No miracle for Alex.

  • Walking past Joe Hachem’s table, I see a potential big pot in progress. With the board showing Jc-6s-5d-4d there is around 8K in the middle. Joe has bet 3500 and has been raised to 11000 total. Joe counts out his chips in a very deliberate and methodical manner giving him plenty of time to think about how the hand has played thus far before making the call. The river brings Ac and a 14000 bet from the button causes Joe to go through the same process before calling. The button turns over what I presume to be 88 but then see it is 8-9. Joe flips up A-J and moves up to around 80K in chips. Joe is one of those players that does not conveniently stack in towers of 20 so that figure is more approximate than usual.

  • Just a short distance down the row of tables Supernova Elite DCal Zone and Team PokerStars Pro, Victor Ramdin are involved in a hand. With 5K in the pot and the board showing 9h-3h-5d, DCal Zone bets 3200. Victor Ramdin raises to 10K and DCal Zone pushes in. Victor folds pretty much instantly but still has 15K in his stack. Considering he started the day with less than 2K he has had a pretty impressive afternoon thus far. DCal Zone has around 45K.

  • Players that appear to be missing in action include Noah Boeken and Jon Friedberg.

  • Barry Greenstein has doubled up with an all-in pre-flop confrontation. AK for Barry and a slightly shorter player with QQ. An Ace hit and Barry moves up to close to 60K. Barry has had an impressive early afternoon and moved from 6 to 60K.

  • Victor Ramdin has been eliminated. Facing a raise to 1500 and 1 call he shoved in for around 6K total. Victor said he did not want the action as he was ahead. Unfortunately he got it in the shape of A-2. Victor had AKs but a deuce on the turn secured his exit.

  • Gus Hansen has just won a decent pot with some strong flop betting. There was 4K in the pot with the flop showing Jd-7s-10s. Gus led out with 2700 and was raised to 7K total. Gus then re-popped to 21000 effectively committing him to the hand as he only had a few thousand left behind. The other player folds and Gus moves up to the average stack.

  • At the end of the level we have 290 players left with 43K being the average stack.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo