EPT Monte Carlo: European debut for Paul-Ambrose

Team PokerStars Pro Steve Paul Ambrose is hovering around the average mark. A pot goes the way of Richard Ashby, sending a few vital thousands out from under Steve's control. It’s a table in the shadows of others, particularly the table of Daniel Negreanu and Chad Brown a few feet away.


Steve Paul-Ambrose -- © Neil Stoddart

Steve found his first major success at the PCA back in 2006 which he won to the tune of $1,388,600. Since then he’s followed that with two more WPT cashes, some more in the WSOP including a final table appearance last year in the mixed hold’em event, picking up over $146K for fourth place. And last month, he took over $33K after winning the Canadian Open Poker Championship in Calgary.

As for the PokerStars.com EPT, well this is his first, and his first trip to Europe for that matter. One tournament room can look like another but none have quite the same view – the Monte Carlo coastline is a mass of lights a short distance away across the bay, the view perfectly framed by the tournament room windows.

Still there are pots to be won and Steve is veering toward the aggressor, betting out a few times pre-flop, getting no takers. Ashby’s fortunes take a knock meanwhile, moving in with A-Q only to run into aces, leaving him stunned and just 5K left.

Another hand for Steve, who bets 2,400 pre-flop, getting a caller to his right in seat four. A flop of 7d2dTc and another bet from Steve, 3,500 this time. His opponent looks over, hand to face now, playing with a small stack of red chips, like a red button – it could be the one to self destruct or to re-ignite his own hopes. He wants to find out and calls.

Steve sneaks a look at how much his opponent has left as the turn comes Td. His opponent is back to his red button again, deciding his fate. He presses it, a 5K bet. Steve rests his head on his fist again with 14K left. He looks at his cards one last time, sliding them over to the edge of the table, before putting them back in front of his stack, replacing the chip on top of them. It’s a token move though in advance of a fold. Steve Paul-Ambrose takes a hit.

Fortunes had looked bleak for Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin earlier today, cut down in his prime by a bad hand earlier, he’s getting busy, moving in uncontested to restore his stack to middle weight, after spending a few rounds on the ropes as a lightweight.

“People get hung up on the two cards in front of them!” joked Victor earlier in a short instructional speech. Something is working as Victor is getting back in the game.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Monte Carlo