EPT Monte Carlo: Boris bounced, history repeats

The security team at the PokerStars EPT Grand Final is earning its euros today. As mentioned in Stephen's last post, Table 22 features the toughest line-up in the room. Right next door, Boris Becker held court in the nine-seat. Between the poker being played at Table 22 and Becker's celebrity, the crowds of press and looky-loos got to be a bit much. I heard talk of bringing in an electric cattle prod.

The crowd may thin slightly in the coming minutes, as Boris Becker is headed to an early dinner. Becker bet into a 8Q88 board and called a raise for more than half his chips. He called all-in on the river, a 7. His opponent showed 66 for the little boat. It was good enough to beat Becker's A9.


Boris Becker -- © Neil Stoddart

Back to the line-up of poker killers, a board reading K3826, and one William Thorson in agony. Chad Brown had put 10,000 chips into an alredy huge pot. It was 2/3 of What Thorson had left in his stack. His memory clanged against the inside of his head. Something was too familiar. Indeed, it was here last year that Brown eliminated Thorson from the event.

"You busted me last year with set over set," Thorson said. "You going to have it every year?"

Still, Thorson called to see Brown's set of eights. Thorson mucked in disgust.

Not ten minutes later, Thorson flopped top two against another opponent's pair of aces. The money went in. By the river, the board had paired, but not one of Thorson's cards. That spelled his exit and the murderers row at Table 22 is down one killer.

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Brad Willis
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