EPT Monte Carlo: Dinner break look-back

The story of the moment, at least in terms of Team PokerStars Pros, is the meteoric rise of Joe Hachem

Hachem started the day with a respectable average stack. Before long, he was up to 80,000. Then 160,000.


Hachem eyes Chad Brown

In the last hand before the dinner break, Hachem raised the 1000 blind to 3000 and got a call from fellow Team member Chad Brown. The flop came jack-high and Hachem bet. Brown moved all-in over the top and Hachem called with pocket kings. Brown's J8 couldn't find a suckout and Hachem moved up over 200,000.


Joe Hachem -- © Neil Stoddart

Now, with 200 players remaining, it's time for a break.

For the first time in this tournament, everyone in the event is taking a break at the same time for dinner.

We're going to do the same, as Pringles and Snickers bars are not quite as satisfying as you might think. We'll be back in one hour with a full Level 10 wrap and fresh chip count. In the meantime, here's a look back at everything from Day 2 so far.

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