EPT Monte Carlo: Dinner break odds and ends

As happened yesterday the dinner break has been split into two – one half heading off for an hour whilst the other plays on, and then vice-versa. It's all co-ordinated to ensure diners dont clash head to head at the buffet.

Players may be well versed in math, able to calculate various odds at the drop of a card. But the math behind splitting the field, co-ordinating 15 minutes breaks with 60 minutes breaks, etc. is a complicated one, and unless your head is in the right gear, to the layperson, getting the field to reconvene as one is as complicated as docking with the space station.

That said the players put their faith in the tournament staff, and it seemed to work yesterday so who’s worrying? The only concern remaining is how hungry you are, and whether you’re among the first or last tables to go.

But enough of that. Half play, whilst half carb-up on goodies. That makes time for a recap on the action so far today, a day that has already had a few highs and lows. Check out the links below.

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The PokerStars Video Blog team has taken the time to find the Seven Deadly Sins of poker play. Check out the video below to see what the pros think.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in EPT Monte Carlo