EPT Monte Carlo: Elevator fears and fooseball with Noah

The maximum capacity of the Monte Carlo Bay elevators is 21 people. I'd like to see the people who took part in the capacity test. They must be very cute, what with their elfish ears and ability to hide behind light posts.

In the final moments before the end of the dinner break, the elevators in the hotel get a bit of a workout. Tonight, at 7:23pm, poker players, fans, and a slightly claustrophobic blogger ended up in one elevator for the nine-floor ride to the first floor. There were seventeen of us in total.

It's interesting to note, the poker players demeanor stayed similar to that they have at the table. Danny Ryan, a fan of Larry Phillips' Zen of Poker, sat at ease on a small bench against the wall. Barry Greenstein never said a word, nor did his expression change. One player, who shall remain anonymous, was simply, and expectedly bouncy.

The fact we all made it back in time for the start of after-dinner play is a credit to the engineering and technological sense of the people who built this hotel.

The players are back from dinner now and playing out the rest of Level 10.

One player not in the field is Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken. How is he passing his time? Kara Scott found out in the video blog below.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in EPT Monte Carlo